Sniper's Edge Tiles

How To Set Up Sniper’s Edge Tiles At Home

Sniper’s Edge tiles, also known as slick tiles or dryland hockey flooring tiles, are growing in popularity because a hockey player can turn just about any place into a hockey training area simply by adding some tiles. You can even pick different colored tiles to create zones and boundaries. It only takes a little while, and you end up having a durable hockey-playing area that will last for years to come. They are simple to set up and easy to care for. If you are thinking about investing in some hockey tiles, doing so could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Scope Out Your Area

Before you do anything else, plan ahead and decide where you are going to install your hockey tiles. It should be a flat, level surface with a hard foundation. If you want to install tiles over a carpeted area, you will first have to install some plywood to have a solid surface. Your best bet is to find a place in the garage where you can lay the tiles over concrete. However, if this option is not available, find your place and put a layer of plywood over it.

Measure the Area

You will need to know how many boxes of tiles to get for your training area. Each tile is one foot by one foot, and there are twenty tiles in one box. This means that for every box, you get twenty square feet of tiles. If you measure how many feet wide by how many feet long, then multiply those two numbers together, that will be your square footage of the area. Ten feet times, ten feet would be 100 square feet. For one hundred square feet, you would need five boxes.

Placing Your Tiles

As we mentioned above, it is very important to have a flat, hard surface to place the tiles on. When this surface is ready to go, you are ready to put the tiles into place.  Depending on how much space you have to work with, you may want to start from the outside in. Use your best judgment when placing the tiles. Do the math and go from there. Place the first tile down flat on the floor, then snap the next one into place by placing the tabbed areas on the sides of the tiles together. You can see in the picture above that there are tabs on one side, and grooves on the other. Those tabs fit perfectly in the grooves of the next tile. Place them securely together and flat on the surface. Make sure that each tile is snug and that there are no gaps or bumps.

Check Your Flooring

Once you have all of your tiles in place, go over your job and make sure that there are not any raised areas where a person could trip or could cause the puck to jump. The tiles are made to be smooth and without seams but double-check your floor anyway. It is always better to make sure than to assume. Once you have all of the tiles in place, and there are no flaws, go ahead and enjoy your new training area. You deserve it!

Maintain Your Bonsai Right!

Maintain Your Bonsai Right!

First, let’s have a look at what is a bonsai tree??? A bonsai tree is a scaled-down tree that is planted inside a container. Actually, the expression “bonsai” truly means “planted in a container” in Japanese.

Bonsai alludes to the craft of developing these little trees and is an essential piece of Japanese culture going back to the mid-fourteenth century. Once delighted in by just the wealthiest aristocrats and high-positioning individuals from Japanese society, bonsai is presently a fine art appreciated by individuals from all around the globe.

Bonsai Tree Care

Caring about a bonsai tree may appear to be scary for the first time. Here are a couple of tips to deal with a bonsai tree effortlessly in the best way. We likewise have made a convenient little guide highlighting snappy tips for simple reference.

Positioning Your Bonsai Tree

To decide the best place to present your bonsai, firstly, you’ll have to recognize what kind of tree it is and whether it’s an indoor or outdoor plant.

The most common sorts of bonsai, for example, juniper, pine, and spruce trees are outdoor plants and ought to be exposed to the seasons like their larger counterparts. Outdoor bonsai furthermore include deciduous trees, meaning that their leaves change with the seasons: these incorporate maple, elms, and ginkgo.

Indoor bonsai trees are normally subtropical species which flourish off of stable temperatures: these incorporate jade plants, Hawaiian umbrella trees, and ficus trees.

When you’ve figured the type of plant you are dealing with, the rest is genuinely easy. Here are some tips on bonsai tree positioning that commonly apply to a wide range of bonsai trees.

Positioning: Your bonsai ought to be avoided by direct heat or draft.

Lighting: Keep your bonsai in the region with a lot of daylight.

Humidity: Bonsais need humidity to keep their soil moist.

Watering Your Bonsai Tree

When watering your bonsai tree, the principle objective is to soak the root system with water completely. To guarantee proper saturation, continue watering until water escapes through the draining openings. To take into account legitimate draining, numerous bonsai trees accompany a plate to gather an abundance of water.

Overwatering can likewise be unfavourable for your bonsai tree. Signs of an overwatered bonsai include yellowing of leaves and the shrivelling of smaller branches. In case a bonsai is overwatered, its root system is suffocating in water and is denied oxygen, which prevents further development of the tree. Overwatering can be the result of poor-draining soil.

Soil Selection

The way to picking the correct soil for your bonsai is to pick one that offers proper drainage. Add huge particles to your soil blend, for example, volcanic rock or stones, to improve seepage and to bring air into the soil. The ideal soil blend should be able to hold water, which can be improved by including clay.

So, these were some basic tips to maintain your bonsai tree right. Also, bonsai has many health benefits just like other amazing plants such as bamboo tree, aloe vera and many more.

How Sniper’s Edge Tiles Help Your Hockey Game

How Sniper’s Edge Tiles Help Your Hockey Game

Sniper’s Edge tiles are the best of the best. Any hockey player that knows their stuff can attest to the fact that being able to practice anywhere is a huge advantage over no practice at all. Sniper’s Edge brings you the solution of the century. Compact, easy to install, affordable dryland hockey tiles that allow for players to enjoy several years of full-bodied practice that builds endurance and strength.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is something that comes naturally to most people but always can use improvement. If you stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with the stick dangling straight down in front of you and have a puck on the tiles ready to be hit you are in the process of using hand-eye coordination. Although you are not slapping the puck with your actual hand, the stick is an extension of your hand. When you zoom in on the target and calculate how hard you are going to hit the puck in order to get it there you are using deeply ingrained skills. Over the course of many practice sessions, you become better and better at this. Eventually, you become great. Having a great set of tiles to practice with throughout the years will play a huge role in your success.

Muscle Memory

The muscles that you use in order to ice skate, rollerblade, swing a stick, and so on are only activated in that way when you perform the task. Because you won’t naturally skate in general daily life you build new muscles when you start skating. Over a period of time, these muscles get bigger and stronger as they begin to take shape and get used to being activated. The more you use them and the more they stay activated, the stronger they become. This is why you will always have an advantage over somebody that never skates. They’re not used to it. Keeping this in mind, if you continue to practice rollerblading and taking shots on dryland tiles you essentially continue to build the muscles that allow you to move in that manner. When you go out into a game on real ice, your muscles won’t know the difference. Everything that they learned from practicing on the slick tiles will come quickly to you in the game when you need it the most.


Having confidence in the game makes a whole world of difference. When you show confidence it makes your opponents question themselves. Ultimately the one with the most confidence wins in a run-in on the ice. The way you build confidence is to continually work on it. Say, for example, you look out onto a pond that is covered with ice.  If you have never stepped on that ice before would you be confident that it will hold you and not break if you step on it? Probably not. If you are, you may not be very wise. Once you try it out with a little bit of weight you learn how sturdy and strong it is very quickly. Most time if it is weak, it will crack and snap within seconds. This is also the case with lots of practice. The more you practice, the more confident in your own skills you become. This is why having hockey floor tiles to practice on at home is so important. It gives you the upper hand in confidence because you took the time to practice and know what you can do.

How Is The Performance Of The Admp Stock In The Stock Market?

How Is The Performance Of The Admp Stock In The Stock Market?

The admp stock is the most valuable one for the investors as this is having a higher market value. Therefore, compared to the other US stocks, it has a good capitalization value of approximately fifty-three million dollars. Its debt to operating expenses ratio is higher than the expected. This US company named the Adamis pharmaceuticals corporation is having a good response from the customers and having branches around the country. It consists of pharmacies, laboratories, viral therapies, and many other businesses. Thus its business standard will be known to you.

Details Of Admp Stock

This is the company that has announced the public offering shares of the stock that too about 16 million shares will have the pricing of 0.62 dollars per share. Thus totally, the public offering price of all the stocks is about one billion dollars. This kind of amount will not include the deduction of discount, commission, and the other offering expenses. This offering has only a limited time period and, so it is going to end at the end of September month. Also, the underwriters are getting the chance for thirty days, and this will help them to purchase the still two and half-million shares immediately. The price of the admp stock currently is $ 0.72.

Second Quarter Of 2020 Results

Due to the global pandemic situation, the company has faced many problems, and also their revenue has fallen by about twenty percent in the current year. This company has itself said during the results announced in the second quarter and comparing it with the previous year. The six-month revenue of the company will be 8.6 million dollars. Thus the company has made short of the 2.1 million dollars. The expenses for the maintenance and the research are also high compared to the previous year that is 2019.

Update Of The Annual Meeting

During the annual meeting of the present year that has happened at the start of the September month, it has announced that it is planning to implement the reverse stock split. But it is not approved by the director board. The company is also discussing with the stockholders about increasing the number of shares for its admp stock. Thus the current hundred million shares will be raised to the two hundred million. This is approved, and so this will be a huge benefit for the investors and others to gain a good profit in the future. You can check more stocks like drrx stock before stock trading.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

Förbättra Prestandan På Dina Däck


Däcken är en viktig del av bilens totala prestanda. Genom att se till att du håller dina däck i bästa möjliga skick kommer du att se till att du inte påverkar bilens prestanda negativt. Förbättringar som du gör med dina bildäck kommer att påverka bilens prestanda och den ursprungliga kvaliteten på de däck du köper. De bästa sätten att förbättra dina däcks prestanda är att börja med premiumdäck som du sedan håller i gott skick.

Korrekt val av däck är mycket viktigt för din säkerhet och för bilens prestanda. Du måste se till att du väljer optimala däck till ditt fordon som har rätt hastighet och belastningsgrad samt rätt dimension och passar för dina körförhållanden.

Däcktrycket är mycket viktigt för däckens prestanda, där det bästa uppnås när det rekommenderade däcktrycket används. Det optimala kontaktområdet mellan däcket och ytan, som uppnås med rätt tryck, ger bästa prestanda och säkerhet. Att kontrollera däcktrycket bör vara en vanlig uppgift och kan enkelt göras när du stannar vid en bensinstation för att fylla din bil. Däcktrycket varierar med temperaturen, så det är bra att kontrollera även efter stor temperaturförändring. Låg däcktryck är vanligare, vilket kan skada däckens sidoväggar och få rullmotståndet att öka. Högt rullmotstånd ökar värmesuppbyggnaden och sliter däcken för tidigt. Dessutom gör det ökade motståndet att bilen förbrukar mer bränsle. Båda är faktorer som kan lägga till mycket kostnader för din totala budget. Miljön påverkas också negativt av högt koldioxidutsläpp.

Det bör dock börja med att du köper en bra uppsättning premiumdäck som har låg rullmotstånd och goda totala köregenskaper. Premiumdäck kommer att hålla längre och förbrukar mindre bränsle. De kommer också att visa en bättre säkerhetsprofil. De noggrant utformade slitbanemönstren har utvecklats för att visa utmärkta egenskaper för den specifika användningen. Det är därför det är viktigt att köpa rätt däck för din avsedda användning. Detta kan bero på yta, belastningar, hastighet och väderförhållanden.

För att uppnå bästa prestanda från bilen måste du se till att du köper sommardäck för sommarbruk, vinterdäck för vinterbruk och eventuellt ett allvädersdäck för alla väder för året runt om du bara vill ha en uppsättning däck. Du kommer att ha bättre prestanda om du byter däck mellan sommar och vinter eftersom däcken har optimerats bättre för en mer riktad användning. Detta kan dock leda till att du på grund av ostadigt väder eller snabba väderförändringar sitter kvar med fel däck. Här är väderdäcken ett utmärkt val för att säkerställa att du åtminstone har den minsta säkerhet som krävs och att du alltid kan använda din bil oavsett väderförhållanden.

För mer information om premiumdäck, besök:

Jak Opory Toczenia Wp?ywaj? Na Oszcz?dno?? Paliwa W Twoim Samochodzie


Opór toczenia jest wa?nym miernikiem dla opon, poniewa? ma wp?yw na oszcz?dno?? paliwa i zu?ycie opon. Opór toczenia jest podkre?lony na etykiecie opony UE, gdzie jest zdefiniowany jako oszcz?dno?? paliwa. Tutaj mo?esz ?atwo porówna? opony samochodowe, aby zobaczy?, które opony maj? najni?szy opór toczenia, a tym samym najlepsz? oszcz?dno?? paliwa. W przypadku samochodów elektrycznych lub hybryd oznacza to mniejsze zu?ycie energii elektrycznej i wi?ksze mo?liwo?ci przy ka?dym ?adowaniu.

Opór toczenia definiuje si? jako si?? potrzebn? do utrzymania ruchu opony do przodu w linii prostej ze sta?? pr?dko?ci?. Dlatego im wi?kszy opór toczenia opony, tym mniejsze zu?ycie paliwa w Twoim samochodzie. Dlatego wa?ne jest, aby wybiera? opony o niskim oporze toczenia, poniewa? pozwalaj? one zaoszcz?dzi? od 1 do 4 procent na litrze. To w po??czeniu z p?ynn? i spokojn? jazd? pozwala zaoszcz?dzi? do 10 procent zu?ycia paliwa.

Inwestuj?c w nowe opony do swojego samochodu, wa?ne jest, aby znale?? opony o niskim oporze toczenia. Etykieta UE na opon? u?atwia dzi? znalezienie opony o niskim oporze toczenia, poniewa? zgodnie z prawem ka?da opona sprzedawana w UE musi mie? tak? etykiet?. Dotyczy opon letnich, podczas gdy w przypadku opon zimowych nie mo?na go w rzeczywisto?ci przedstawi?, poniewa? opór jest mierzony poza normaln? temperatur? robocz? opon.

Nawet w przypadku opon letnich nie jest to jedyny czynnik, który nale?y wzi?? pod uwag? przy zakupie nowych opon letnich, poniewa? równie? w du?ym stopniu polegasz na bezpiecze?stwie opon. B?dziesz musia? znale?? opony, które maj? równie? dobr? przyczepno?? na mokrej nawierzchni i zapobiegaj? aquaplaningowi. Przyczepno?? na mokrej nawierzchni jest podkre?lona na etykiecie opony UE, wi?c je?li znajdziesz opon? z ocen? AA, czyli opon? z ocen? A w kategorii efektywno?ci paliwowej i A w kategorii przyczepno?ci na mokrej nawierzchni, wiesz, ?e znalaz?e? dobr? opon?. Mo?esz równie? sprawdzi? testy opon letnich, aby upewni? si?, ?e opony, w które planujesz zainwestowa?, sprawdzi?y si? w porównaniu z innymi oponami w warunkach podobnych do tych, z którymi si? spotkasz. Je?li posiadasz elektryczny samochód hybrydowy, b?dziesz musia? sprawdzi?, czy oprócz niskiego oporu toczenia s? one zalecane do u?ytku w samochodach elektrycznych o wy?szym zu?yciu.

Nawet kupuj?c nowe opony na ka?d? pogod?, upewnij si?, ?e maj? one niskie opory toczenia. W tej oponie zastosowano wiele nowych technologii zapewniaj?cych doskona?? przyczepno?? na mokrej nawierzchni, p?ynn?, spokojn? jazd?, d?ug? ?ywotno?? bie?nika z zaletami u?ytkowania przez ca?y rok.

Inwestowanie w opony o niskich oporach toczenia pomaga oszcz?dza? paliwo i ?rodowisko. Kiedy inwestujesz w nowy komplet opon, sprawd? etykiet? UE pod k?tem efektywno?ci paliwowej i wiedz, ?e dzi?ki temu opony b?d? trwa? d?u?ej i b?d? mia?y mniejszy wp?yw na ?rodowisko.

Wi?cej informacji na temat opon o niskim oporze toczenia mo?na znale?? na stronie:

Hvordan rullemotstand påvirker drivstofføkonomien til bilen din


Rullemotstand er viktig måling for dekk da det har innvirkning på drivstofføkonomien og dekkens slitasje. Rullemotstanden fremheves på dekkets etikett der den er definert som drivstoffeffektivitet. Her kan du enkelt sammenligne mellom bildekkene for å se hvilke dekk som har lavest rullemotstand og dermed best drivstoffeffektivitet. For elbiler eller hybrider betyr dette at mindre strøm brukes og at du kommer lenger med hver ladding.

Rullemotstand er definert som kraften som kreves for å opprettholde fremover bevegelse av et dekk i en rett linje med konstant hastighet. Dette er grunnen til at jo større bilens rullemotstand, desto lavere blir drivstoffeffektiviteten til bilen din. Dette er grunnen til at det er viktig å velge dekk med lav rullemotstand, da de kan spare alt fra 1 til 4 prosent per liter. Dette i kombinasjon med jevn og rolig kjøring kan spare opptil 10 prosent i drivstofføkonomien.

Når du investerer i nye dekk til bilen din, er det viktig å finne dekk med lav rullemotstand. EUs dekkmerke gjør det enklere i dag å finne dekkene som har lav rullemotstand, ettersom lovene hvert dekk som selges i EU må ha denne etiketten. Det er gyldig for sommerdekk, mens det for vinterdekk ikke egentlig er representativt, da motstanden måles utenfor normal driftstemperatur for dekkene.

Selv for sommerdekk er det ikke den eneste faktoren du bør ta hensyn til når du kjøper nye sommerdekk, ettersom du også er veldig avhengig av sikkerheten til dekkene. Du må finne dekk som også har godt vått grep og evne til å forhindre vannplaning. Det våte grepet fremheves på dekkmerket av EU, så hvis du finner et dekk med AA-karakter, som er et dekk som vurderer A på drivstoffeffektivitet og A på vått grep, vet du at du har funnet et godt dekk. Det kan også være lurt å sjekke dekkprøver for sommerdekk for å forsikre deg om at dekkene du planlegger å investere i har vist seg bra når du sammenligner med andre dekk for forhold som ligner de du vil møte. Hvis du har en elbil med hybrid, må du sjekke at i tillegg til at du har lav rullemotstand som de anbefales for bruk på elbiler med høyere slitasje.

Selv når du kjøper nye allværsdekk, må du sørge for at de har lav rullemotstand. Dette dekket har mange nye teknologier for å gi et utmerket våtgrep, glatt tyst kjørende, lang slitebane livslengd og fordelen med å bruke året rundt.

Investering i dekk med lav rullemotstand hjelper til å spare drivstoff og miljø. Når du investerer i et nytt sett med dekk, må du huske å sjekke EUs dekkmerke for drivstoffeffektivitet og vite at det vil få dekkene til å vare lenger og ha lavere miljøpåvirkning.

For mer informasjon om dekk med lav rullemotstand, besøk:


Gambling At Its Best With Ww88

WW88 is an online gambling platform which allows gamblers from all over the world to gamble online. It is Indonesia’s biggest platform which can be used to gamble online no matter where the gambler is located. WW88 Casino can be used on personal computers and it even has a mobile application which can be downloaded on smart phones and can be used to gamble. Gamblers can now gamble 24/7 even if they are on the go. That time is long gone when gamblers had to take out time from their busy schedules to go visit a casino personally. Now they can gamble whether they are at work, at home, or even at a boring party.

A Gamblers True Love – Black Jack:

Black jack is one of the most widely played games at casinos. It can be said as a true love for the gamblers. Now gamblers can enjoy their true love on their computers and smart phones by gambling online. Black Jack online has live dealing and an environment which tricks the gamblers into feeling as if he or she is actually present at the casino and playing back jack.

 King of Casinos – Betting:

Betting is considered as the king of casinos because of the attraction it causes towards itself for the gamblers. Betting is also one of the most widely games played online. Betting can be played for both real and virtual money at ww88. For players playing for real money, there are live hand dealings.

Thrill-on-playing-live-casino-games.png (700×300)

Live Betting on Live Matches:

Sport is not anymore something to just watch. There is a new trend now, and that is, betting. There is a huge network that can be used to place bets on the matches. If the prediction turns out to be true, gambler can make a huge chunk of money. Almost every sport now has live betting; rugby, football, basketball, cricket, baseball, and many more. Series of matches is when the gamblers come forward on the big screen to fill up their pockets. Series like la liga, world cups, and friendly tournaments are when gamblers make a lot of money.

Many people think that gambling online is not reliable. But that time is long gone. Gambling online now is 100% safe and secure. An account can be created, and gambling can be done with a deposit of as low as 50rb. There are even many offers, bonuses, and even cash backs for new members.


5 Things You Need to Know About Sciatica

Sciatica is one of the most common types of pain affecting up to 40% of people at some point during their life. This condition often becomes more frequent in older adults. Chronic back pain sufferers tend to be more susceptible to sciatica, as well as those who are obese, sedentary or smoke.

What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica often gets placed in the same category as regular back pain; however, it is different. The pain originates in the body’s two largest nerves, the sciatic nerves. These nerves travel from the lower spine, through the buttocks, down the back of each leg and to the feet. Sciatica occurs when the root of the nerve becomes pinched or irritated and pain can be felt at any point along the nerve branch.

What Are the Symptoms of Sciatica?

Sciatic pain symptoms can vary greatly between people and between each individual episode. Some of the common symptoms of sciatica include:

  • Numbness
  • A dull aching pain
  • Electric shock sensations
  • Tingling
  • Stabbing pain
  • A burning sensation

The severity of pain can vary from a mild ache to intense pain that makes it difficult to stand or walk.

What is the Physiotherapy Treatment for Sciatica?

Because sciatica is caused by pressure on or irritation of the sciatic nerve, it makes sense to remove this pressure or reduce what is triggering the sensitivity. Physio for sciatica aims to achieve this by reducing muscle tension and mobilising stiff joints that are causing the irritation. Physio for sciatica is based on four important steps:

Step One – Reduce Pain and Provide Protection

Pain relief is the first thing to focus on when seeking treatment for sciatica. As well as this, reducing inflammation is important. Although inflammation is a natural part of the healing process, excessive inflammation can be the cause of sciatica.

Step Two – Restoring Strength, Flexibility and Normal Posture

Once the pain and inflammation have settled, it’s time to restore normal function. This includes restoring normal resting muscle tension, range of motion of the spinal joints, posture and muscle flexibility. This may include manual therapy and a variety of exercises that your physio will develop.

Step Three – Restoring Full Function and Control

In this stage, a physiotherapist will begin rehabilitation to allow the patient to return to normal activities. As each patient will have different goals, each rehabilitation program will vary depending on individual needs.

Step Four – Prevention

Sciatica often returns when rehabilitation hasn’t been completed properly. This step involves fine-tuning strength and mobility while teaching the patient self-management techniques that reduce the risk of a recurrence.

How Long Will Sciatica Take to Heal?

Sciatica symptoms usually ease after a period of rest whilst avoiding aggravating activities. Although each patient is different, in general around 90% of sufferers recover within six weeks.

What Are Some Sciatica Exercises for Pain Relief?

Strengthening and stretching exercises each day can help with sciatica symptom flare-ups. With physio support the following exercises may help:

  • Lie on your back with knees bent and pull both knees to chest. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds, then rest and repeat 5-10 times.
  • Just like the exercise above, but with individual legs, one knee first and then the other
  • Lie on your back with knees bent, stretch arms out to the side. Gently roll your knees side to side. Hold for 5-10 seconds, rest and repeat 5-10 times.

Sciatica can be very painful and interfere with normal activities. However, it’s rare for permanent damage to occur, and the majority of pain is due to inflammation which improves over time. Physio for sciatica aims to reduce this inflammation, while improving strength, flexibility and posture problems that are causing the symptoms. You can find out more about treating sciatica by contacting your local Perth Physio.

L’aquaplaning Peut Se Produire A Tout Moment De L’annee Si Les Routes Sont Mouillees

Les Routes Sont Mouillees

L’aquaplaning se produit lorsque le pneu ne parvient pas à repousser toute l’eau entre la route et le pneu, de sorte qu’une couche d’eau s’accumule entre les pneus et la surface de la route. C’est très dangereux car vous perdez le contrôle du véhicule. L’aquaplaning peut être un danger en toute saison, car même pendant les mois d’hiver, il peut y avoir de la boue sur la route qui peut conduire à l’aquaplaning. Les fabricants proposent toujours de nouvelles inventions qui peuvent être intégrées dans la bande de roulement pour aider à résoudre des problèmes comme l’aquaplaning. En hiver, lorsqu’il y a de la neige fondue, vous pouvez avoir un phénomène similaire appelé glissement sur neige fondue, lorsque les pneus ne parviennent pas à repousser la neige mouillée.

La plupart des pneus de haute qualité intègrent une certaine forme de technologie à la bande de roulement, mais même avec un bon pneu, vous ne pouvez pas éliminer complètement le risque. Vous devez vous assurer que vous maintenez la vitesse à un niveau raisonnable. Il est également important de savoir quoi faire lorsque votre voiture perd le contrôle à cause de l’aquaplaning. Gardez votre sang-froid, ce qui est probablement plus facile à dire qu’à faire, mais il est important de ne pas paniquer et de ne pas appuyer sur les freins. La meilleure chose à faire si vous commencez à faire de l’aquaplaning est de garder la voiture droite et de lâcher l’accélérateur jusqu’à ce que vous retrouviez la sensation de la route et le contrôle de votre voiture. Essayez d’éviter l’aquaplaning en regardant devant vous et évitez toute grande flaque et réduisez votre vitesse en cas de pluie.

Lorsque vous achetez de nouveaux pneus été, vous devez vous assurer qu’ils sont bons sur sol mouillé et qu’ils ont incorporé diverses technologies pour réduire le risque d’aquaplaning. Certaines des nouvelles technologies, comme les rainures latérales et intérieures polies qui leur permettent de stocker plus d’eau entre le pneu et la route et qui accélèrent l’écoulement des rainures principales, ont considérablement réduit le risque. Cela entraîne une augmentation du déplacement de l’eau, ce qui améliore encore les propriétés de l’aquaplaning. Un autre conseil de sécurité important pour éviter l’aquaplaning est de maintenir les pneus correctement gonflés et de les tourner et les remplacer si nécessaire. Une pression adéquate des pneus est importante. La profondeur de la bande de roulement des pneus est également très importante, de sorte que lorsque les pneus commencent à s’user, il y a moins de volume dans les rainures pour stocker l’eau. Cela entraîne une plus mauvaise adhérence sur le mouillé et un risque plus élevé d’aquaplaning.

Lorsque vous achetez de nouveaux pneus, veillez à vérifier le label des pneus de l’UE pour savoir s’ils ont une bonne adhérence sur sol mouillé et vérifiez quelles technologies sont incorporées pour assurer la protection contre l’aquaplaning.  Les pneus tout temps et les pneus hiver profitent également des rainures principales polies pour nettoyer efficacement la neige, la neige fondue et l’eau du pneu afin que celui-ci adhère à la route et protège ainsi contre l’aquaplaning. Les pneus toutes saisons sont fabriqués avec des composés de caoutchouc très similaires à ceux des pneus hiver. Il comporte également le symbole de la montagne des flocons de neige qui indique qu’ils sont approuvés pour l’utilisation en hiver.

Pour plus d’informations sur les pneus qui peuvent supporter l’aquaplaning pendant l’année, consultez le site