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Smart Watch

What Exactly is a Smart Watch?

The 21st century is an information age. Various electronic products emerging one after another. Such as smart speakers, smart bracelets and smart watches. It seems that all the surrounding equipment took the word intelligence overnight and became classy.

Smart speakers are not strange to everyone. Smart bracelets and smart watches are not easy to distinguish. This article gives you a brief introduction to what smart watches are. I believe it will be much easier for everyone to know about it.

Literally speaking, smart watches are watches with high-tech intelligence. At first, smart watches were just watches with more functions. After 2020, the smart system of smart watches was further upgraded. So its functions became more and more powerful, even some could replace mobile phones.

All Said That Smart Watches Have Many Functions, So What Functions Does It Have?

If you like sports, you may want to consider buying a smart watch. It can tailor a set of systematic exercise programs for you before exercise. Detecting your body functions during your exercise. It can help you understand various states of your body during exercise. Such as heartbeat, and will remind you to pay attention in future exercises. If you like more exercise, then you should choose a smart watch first. Take the HONOR Watch Magic for example. It has a high-precision GPS positioning system, which allows your sports to bid farewell to worries. You said you like swimming. It doesn’t matter. This smart watch supports a waterproof level of 50 meters. It can automatically identify various swimming styles and record data at any time. If your favorite sports are unpopular, it doesn’t matter. Smart watches carry more than a dozen functions, and one is suitable for you.

Smart Watch

There is no need to say much about the function of smart message reminding. Smart watches are connected to mobile phones. There will definitely be basic SMS/WeChat/incoming call reminding. If your work needs to turn phone to mute mode, but you are afraid of missing important information. Then smart watches can meet your needs. There are many smart watches that can talk independently. Even if you forget to bring your mobile phone when you go out, the smart watch can act as a mobile phone.

Smart watches are not only used by adults. Many brands have developed smart watches for children. It is not convenient to take mobile phones to school, but it is not convenient to contact children. You can buy a children’s smart watch for him. Moreover, some children’s smart watches have developed learning functions.

Today smart watches have so many functions and are so complete. I wonder if you are moved? It is better to first make sure that you need a smart watch when buying electronic products. The functions of smart watches are different. So according to the actual situation to choose it.

What is Synthetic Ice Made of?

What is Synthetic Ice Made of?

Synthetic ice is a great way to improve ice skating skills from the comfort of your own home. Hockey players from all over the world rely on synthetic ice flooring so they can continue to practice and stay in shape all year round. As many people already know, ice melts in warmer weather. So, synthetic ice has a huge advantage over real ice in several ways. It doesn’t melt, it doesn’t cost much to maintain, and it skates just as good as the real thing. This has a lot of people wondering the same thing. What is synthetic ice made of? Is it safe? What is it? Hopefully, by the time you finish this article, you will know the answers to these questions.

What is Synthetic Ice?

Back in the 1950s, some people got together and decided to try out ways to make artificial ice to skate on. They used materials like polyoxymethylene plastic. They had a lot of drawbacks and could not successfully glide on this type of flooring without the help of a silicone compound as a lubricant.

In the 1980s, they came out with high-density plastic. They were able to create great synthetic ice panels that were made out of polyethylene. Although they still had to be sprayed with a gliding fluid and had to be cleaned every month, they worked well for the time being.

Synthetic ice is still made from polyethylene plastic, but science and technology have come a long way over the last 20 years. The synthetic ice we know today is self-lubricated and has no need for additives or extra lubricants.

Synthetic Ice Panels

Synthetic ice usually comes in panels or tiles. They come in different shapes and sizes. Bigger panels are usually rectangular in shape 24” by 48,” and the smaller ones are 12” by 12.” The tiles and panels join together by way of a tongue and groove system that allows them to perfectly align with each other without having a raise or any gaps in the surface. This way, the flooring is much like ice in most ways. The puck glides gracefully across the flooring, and the skates do too. Some people prefer synthetic ice to real ice because it is so much easier to manage.

Is Synthetic Ice Safe?

Since synthetic ice panels are made of a type of plastic, you might wonder whether or not they are safe. If you take a minute to think about how much energy goes into keeping a real ice skating rink fresh and frozen you might be able to see that there is actually a benefit to using synthetic ice as opposed to real ice. Although synthetic ice is made out of polyethylene plastic, it does not emit toxic fumes or chemicals into the air. This actually makes it better for the environment than real ice rinks. As for it being safe to skate on, only if you know how to skate! Any hockey player knows that there is always a risk of injury on any rink at any time. Hockey is only as safe as the players make it.

The Bottom Line

Whether you call it synthetic ice, artificial ice, or manufactured ice, it is all the same. It was made so that ice skaters and hockey players can continue to practice and play throughout the year in all weather conditions without having to have all of the headaches of maintaining frozen ice. Modern-day technology has allowed inventors to create ice panels that are so easy to install; you can build your own ice rink right in your backyard, or garage. Any serious hockey player knows the value and importance of being able to practice continually. Synthetic ice makes it possible to do so.

Sodium and Its Important Compounds

Sodium and Its Important Compounds

Sodium is a Group 1 alkali metal with atomic number 11 and chemically represented as “Na”. It is a white, soft alkali metal that is extremely unstable. It has one electron in the outer shells, producing a sodium ion upon losing it. In general, sodium is not free, as it is extremely reactive. To avoid its action in the atmosphere, it is preserved in kerosene oil. It includes primarily three minerals, including feldspar, sodalite and rock salt Sodium Chloride (NaCl).

Sodium chloride can be obtained when sodium forms bonds with chlorine. As sodium forms bonds with chlorine, sodium chloride is being formed. To obtain sodium hydroxide, sodium reacts vigorously with water, snow and ice.

Properties Of Sodium

  • Sodium has a strong metallic lustre and is very similar in colour to silver.
  • At common temperatures, it is delicate that it can be moulded by the pressure of the fingers into leaves.
  • Sodium compounds quickly tarnish, but less readily than potassium, when exposed to the sunlight.
  • Sodium is instantly oxidized by water, hydrogen gas in temporary unity with some sodium being disengaged.
  • Sodium has a lower melting & boiling point than lithium.
  • Metallic bonding is available.
  • It is also conducting since it has one free electron.
  • In a flame test, it shows yellow.
  • The sodium atom has a common oxidation state of +1.
  • It has lower 1st ionization energy.

The Important Compound Of Sodium

The economically important sodium compounds and their applications are mentioned below.

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH)

  • Sodium Hydroxide relates to the inorganic substance group and is typically found at room temperature in the form of a white solid.
  • Sodium cations and hydroxide anions end up making up the chemical substance.
  • Its chemical formula is NaOH and is generally referred to as Iye or caustic soda.
  • Sodium hydroxide is a colourless compound and soluble in ethanol, water and glycerol.

Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3)

  • Sodium carbonate is a carbonic acid diazonium salt which has the chemical formula Na2CO3.
  • It is often referred to as soda ash, Soda crystals and washing soda.
  • It is soluble in water and forms carbonic acid and sodium hydroxide when dissolved in water.
  • It is a white powder in its pure form and it is odourless.
  • It is a powerful base and behaves like an antacid.
  • Four processes namely Labnac method, Solvay method, Electrolytic and Dual-process, through which sodium carbonate can be prepared.
  • Since it is a weak acid, in ethanol it is slightly soluble and in alcohol it is insoluble.
  • One of Na2CO3‘s significant uses is as a water softener.
  • The pH is approximately 10.52.

Sodium chloride (NaCl)

  • Sodium chloride is an ionic compound wherein the ratio of sodium ions to chloride ions is 1:1.
  • It is generally referred to as table salt, common salt, or halite.
  • It is the salt that is mainly accountable for seawater salinity and the extracellular fluid that exists in many multicellular species.
  • From household to industrial applications, it is required.
  • A major source of this salt is seawater.
  • It is readily soluble in water and other liquids, it is partially soluble/ insoluble.
  • They are white crystals that do not have a smell but have a taste.
  • Due to the free flow of the ions, NaCl serves as a strong conductor of electricity in its aqueous state.

Use Of Sodium Compounds

Sodium compounds have many uses, including hydrogen peroxide preparation, that is by the action of dilute acids on sodium peroxide.

Na2O3 + H2SO4 → H2O2 (30%) + Na2SO4

The main uses of sodium compounds are listed below.

Sodium carbonate

  • Used in cleaning, laundering and water softening process.
  • Used in borax, glass, soap & caustic soda production.
  • It is being used in the fields of painting and textiles.
  • It plays a major role in the lab while quantitative and qualitative and research.

Sodium hydroxide

  • It is being used in the manufacture of paper, soap, artificial silk, etc.
  • Its use was found during the refining of petroleum.
  • It is used in the textile industry, including in the cotton market.
  • In labs, it’s being used as a precipitating agent.
  • It is used during the processing of fats and oils.

Sodium chloride

  • For domestic purposes, it is used as common salt.
  • It is used for sodium peroxide, sodium hydroxide, and sodium carbonate preparations.
types of abduction

What Are The Different Types Of Child Abduction?

As crazy as it may seem, there are definitely different types of abduction. Some are harmless misunderstandings between family members or friends. Some are a means to gain control of a situation. Some are horribly sick reasons that nobody wants to believe are real. In any event, child abductions are becoming a serious threat in our world, so the more you know what to look for, the more power you will have to stop them before they even occur.

Types Of Abductions

When it comes to abducting children there are only so many labels that society can place upon a topic. Each person that chooses to kidnap a kid has their own way of seeing things and their own decision-making mechanisms. Although there is no way to name all possible types here are some of the main ones to be concerned about:

  • Friendly – where the child knows the abductor
  • Stalking – where the abductor stalks the child
  • Trust building – where the abductor establishes trust over time
  • Broad daylight – where the abductor physically snatches the child in public
  • Creeping – where the abductor creeps into the home and takes the sleeping child
  • Hospital – where the abductor steals the baby from the hospital nursery

Friends, Relatives, And Family

It is safe to assume that unless it was created in a lab, every child has parents. Unfortunately, not all parents get along all of the time. Many parents are very young and have not yet discovered many of the truths about life. Sometimes one parent will try to control the other parent by taking the child away. The laws that govern parental rights are not always black and white. If a couple is married and they are both legal guardians of the child there is nothing to stop either one of them from taking the child anywhere they want to. In most cases, when a child is missing, it turns out that a family member or even a close friend of a family member is behind it.

Lure Away

Sometimes a child abductor will lure a child away from safety with a gift, or some candy. This is a very unfortunate occurrence and most of the time that it happens, it ends in tragedy. In the early 1980s in Sacramento, California, a man lured a young girl away from her family using a goose. For whatever reason, the family had let the little girl out of their sight long enough for a strange man to have a conversation with her. The kid was six years old. The man was in his 40s and had been in and out of mental institutions most of his life. He lured the child across the street into a secluded area then sexually abused her and killed her. Fortunately, in our current times, there are ways to stop things like this before they happen.

Protect Your Family With Kids Live Safe

Kids Live Safe is an organization that has the sole mission of keeping kids safe from sexual predators and other sickos. They offer a quick search tool that allows you to see convicted sex offenders in your neighborhood or any neighborhood that you choose. They also have an alert system that notifies you the moment a sex offender moves within a five-mile radius of you. Visit Kids Live Safe today and see for yourself all of the great ways that you can keep yourself, and your loved ones from sexual predators.

Stocks Online

Useful Tips To Buy Tesla Stocks Online

Tesla is one of the topmost electric vehicle manufacturing company. It offers a range of choices for people to buy the bulk of stocks at a cheaper cost. TSLA is a perfect choice to earn more profits in your business. It is an elegant option for investors to gain more profitability in their firm. You can explore earning reports and invest in value stocks. This company access through two segments like energy generation and automotive segment. To buy these shares, you have to choose the best online broker. It allows you to buy stocks and undergo exchange easily. Many investors are gaining wonderful solutions for purchasing these stocks.

Outlook Of Tesla Stocks:

It offers more than millions of shares at the best price to investors. It is a perfect choice to earn high returns on business in less time. It allows you to purchase an eco-friendly and electric automobiles at your required cost. TSLA is selling these products successfully online at the best stock price. Before investing in these shares, you need to understand the stocks and company. It allows you to invest in great and effective products. It keeps increasing your firm rapidly in the market. However, it maximizes your financial performance for a certain period.

Consider Your Portfolio:

To invest in shares, you need to consider the portfolio. It allows you to purchase stocks based on the analysis. You have to explore fund operations and other essential things. You might consider business needs and dividends. It is very important to purchase shares in the stock market. It let you undergo stock exchanges without issues. In addition, it assists you to increase your business position. It helps you sell stocks in trading easily. It let you view complete details of the shares before investing.

Advantages Of Buying Stocks:

TSLA is a popular option among various investors. The majority of young investors are searching for the best company to buy shares. It will be sold depending on the third quarter of the earnings. It offers a strong investment solution for businesses and individuals. It helps you buy shares at a current value. It provides a long term solution for investors. It allows you to purchase autonomous vehicles as per your need. It let you earn high profits in the future years. It offers various opportunities to choose stocks on sales. You might gain more tax credits and increase the demand for your products. So, get expert help and obtain more profits on your business.  You can get more information such as releases at

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation

Sniper's Edge Tiles

How To Set Up Sniper’s Edge Tiles At Home

Sniper’s Edge tiles, also known as slick tiles or dryland hockey flooring tiles, are growing in popularity because a hockey player can turn just about any place into a hockey training area simply by adding some tiles. You can even pick different colored tiles to create zones and boundaries. It only takes a little while, and you end up having a durable hockey-playing area that will last for years to come. They are simple to set up and easy to care for. If you are thinking about investing in some hockey tiles, doing so could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Scope Out Your Area

Before you do anything else, plan ahead and decide where you are going to install your hockey tiles. It should be a flat, level surface with a hard foundation. If you want to install tiles over a carpeted area, you will first have to install some plywood to have a solid surface. Your best bet is to find a place in the garage where you can lay the tiles over concrete. However, if this option is not available, find your place and put a layer of plywood over it.

Measure the Area

You will need to know how many boxes of tiles to get for your training area. Each tile is one foot by one foot, and there are twenty tiles in one box. This means that for every box, you get twenty square feet of tiles. If you measure how many feet wide by how many feet long, then multiply those two numbers together, that will be your square footage of the area. Ten feet times, ten feet would be 100 square feet. For one hundred square feet, you would need five boxes.

Placing Your Tiles

As we mentioned above, it is very important to have a flat, hard surface to place the tiles on. When this surface is ready to go, you are ready to put the tiles into place.  Depending on how much space you have to work with, you may want to start from the outside in. Use your best judgment when placing the tiles. Do the math and go from there. Place the first tile down flat on the floor, then snap the next one into place by placing the tabbed areas on the sides of the tiles together. You can see in the picture above that there are tabs on one side, and grooves on the other. Those tabs fit perfectly in the grooves of the next tile. Place them securely together and flat on the surface. Make sure that each tile is snug and that there are no gaps or bumps.

Check Your Flooring

Once you have all of your tiles in place, go over your job and make sure that there are not any raised areas where a person could trip or could cause the puck to jump. The tiles are made to be smooth and without seams but double-check your floor anyway. It is always better to make sure than to assume. Once you have all of the tiles in place, and there are no flaws, go ahead and enjoy your new training area. You deserve it!

Maintain Your Bonsai Right!

Maintain Your Bonsai Right!

First, let’s have a look at what is a bonsai tree??? A bonsai tree is a scaled-down tree that is planted inside a container. Actually, the expression “bonsai” truly means “planted in a container” in Japanese.

Bonsai alludes to the craft of developing these little trees and is an essential piece of Japanese culture going back to the mid-fourteenth century. Once delighted in by just the wealthiest aristocrats and high-positioning individuals from Japanese society, bonsai is presently a fine art appreciated by individuals from all around the globe.

Bonsai Tree Care

Caring about a bonsai tree may appear to be scary for the first time. Here are a couple of tips to deal with a bonsai tree effortlessly in the best way. We likewise have made a convenient little guide highlighting snappy tips for simple reference.

Positioning Your Bonsai Tree

To decide the best place to present your bonsai, firstly, you’ll have to recognize what kind of tree it is and whether it’s an indoor or outdoor plant.

The most common sorts of bonsai, for example, juniper, pine, and spruce trees are outdoor plants and ought to be exposed to the seasons like their larger counterparts. Outdoor bonsai furthermore include deciduous trees, meaning that their leaves change with the seasons: these incorporate maple, elms, and ginkgo.

Indoor bonsai trees are normally subtropical species which flourish off of stable temperatures: these incorporate jade plants, Hawaiian umbrella trees, and ficus trees.

When you’ve figured the type of plant you are dealing with, the rest is genuinely easy. Here are some tips on bonsai tree positioning that commonly apply to a wide range of bonsai trees.

Positioning: Your bonsai ought to be avoided by direct heat or draft.

Lighting: Keep your bonsai in the region with a lot of daylight.

Humidity: Bonsais need humidity to keep their soil moist.

Watering Your Bonsai Tree

When watering your bonsai tree, the principle objective is to soak the root system with water completely. To guarantee proper saturation, continue watering until water escapes through the draining openings. To take into account legitimate draining, numerous bonsai trees accompany a plate to gather an abundance of water.

Overwatering can likewise be unfavourable for your bonsai tree. Signs of an overwatered bonsai include yellowing of leaves and the shrivelling of smaller branches. In case a bonsai is overwatered, its root system is suffocating in water and is denied oxygen, which prevents further development of the tree. Overwatering can be the result of poor-draining soil.

Soil Selection

The way to picking the correct soil for your bonsai is to pick one that offers proper drainage. Add huge particles to your soil blend, for example, volcanic rock or stones, to improve seepage and to bring air into the soil. The ideal soil blend should be able to hold water, which can be improved by including clay.

So, these were some basic tips to maintain your bonsai tree right. Also, bonsai has many health benefits just like other amazing plants such as bamboo tree, aloe vera and many more.

How Sniper’s Edge Tiles Help Your Hockey Game

How Sniper’s Edge Tiles Help Your Hockey Game

Sniper’s Edge tiles are the best of the best. Any hockey player that knows their stuff can attest to the fact that being able to practice anywhere is a huge advantage over no practice at all. Sniper’s Edge brings you the solution of the century. Compact, easy to install, affordable dryland hockey tiles that allow for players to enjoy several years of full-bodied practice that builds endurance and strength.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is something that comes naturally to most people but always can use improvement. If you stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with the stick dangling straight down in front of you and have a puck on the tiles ready to be hit you are in the process of using hand-eye coordination. Although you are not slapping the puck with your actual hand, the stick is an extension of your hand. When you zoom in on the target and calculate how hard you are going to hit the puck in order to get it there you are using deeply ingrained skills. Over the course of many practice sessions, you become better and better at this. Eventually, you become great. Having a great set of tiles to practice with throughout the years will play a huge role in your success.

Muscle Memory

The muscles that you use in order to ice skate, rollerblade, swing a stick, and so on are only activated in that way when you perform the task. Because you won’t naturally skate in general daily life you build new muscles when you start skating. Over a period of time, these muscles get bigger and stronger as they begin to take shape and get used to being activated. The more you use them and the more they stay activated, the stronger they become. This is why you will always have an advantage over somebody that never skates. They’re not used to it. Keeping this in mind, if you continue to practice rollerblading and taking shots on dryland tiles you essentially continue to build the muscles that allow you to move in that manner. When you go out into a game on real ice, your muscles won’t know the difference. Everything that they learned from practicing on the slick tiles will come quickly to you in the game when you need it the most.


Having confidence in the game makes a whole world of difference. When you show confidence it makes your opponents question themselves. Ultimately the one with the most confidence wins in a run-in on the ice. The way you build confidence is to continually work on it. Say, for example, you look out onto a pond that is covered with ice.  If you have never stepped on that ice before would you be confident that it will hold you and not break if you step on it? Probably not. If you are, you may not be very wise. Once you try it out with a little bit of weight you learn how sturdy and strong it is very quickly. Most time if it is weak, it will crack and snap within seconds. This is also the case with lots of practice. The more you practice, the more confident in your own skills you become. This is why having hockey floor tiles to practice on at home is so important. It gives you the upper hand in confidence because you took the time to practice and know what you can do.

How Is The Performance Of The Admp Stock In The Stock Market?

How Is The Performance Of The Admp Stock In The Stock Market?

The admp stock is the most valuable one for the investors as this is having a higher market value. Therefore, compared to the other US stocks, it has a good capitalization value of approximately fifty-three million dollars. Its debt to operating expenses ratio is higher than the expected. This US company named the Adamis pharmaceuticals corporation is having a good response from the customers and having branches around the country. It consists of pharmacies, laboratories, viral therapies, and many other businesses. Thus its business standard will be known to you.

Details Of Admp Stock

This is the company that has announced the public offering shares of the stock that too about 16 million shares will have the pricing of 0.62 dollars per share. Thus totally, the public offering price of all the stocks is about one billion dollars. This kind of amount will not include the deduction of discount, commission, and the other offering expenses. This offering has only a limited time period and, so it is going to end at the end of September month. Also, the underwriters are getting the chance for thirty days, and this will help them to purchase the still two and half-million shares immediately. The price of the admp stock currently is $ 0.72.

Second Quarter Of 2020 Results

Due to the global pandemic situation, the company has faced many problems, and also their revenue has fallen by about twenty percent in the current year. This company has itself said during the results announced in the second quarter and comparing it with the previous year. The six-month revenue of the company will be 8.6 million dollars. Thus the company has made short of the 2.1 million dollars. The expenses for the maintenance and the research are also high compared to the previous year that is 2019.

Update Of The Annual Meeting

During the annual meeting of the present year that has happened at the start of the September month, it has announced that it is planning to implement the reverse stock split. But it is not approved by the director board. The company is also discussing with the stockholders about increasing the number of shares for its admp stock. Thus the current hundred million shares will be raised to the two hundred million. This is approved, and so this will be a huge benefit for the investors and others to gain a good profit in the future. You can check more stocks like drrx stock before stock trading.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

Förbättra Prestandan På Dina Däck


Däcken är en viktig del av bilens totala prestanda. Genom att se till att du håller dina däck i bästa möjliga skick kommer du att se till att du inte påverkar bilens prestanda negativt. Förbättringar som du gör med dina bildäck kommer att påverka bilens prestanda och den ursprungliga kvaliteten på de däck du köper. De bästa sätten att förbättra dina däcks prestanda är att börja med premiumdäck som du sedan håller i gott skick.

Korrekt val av däck är mycket viktigt för din säkerhet och för bilens prestanda. Du måste se till att du väljer optimala däck till ditt fordon som har rätt hastighet och belastningsgrad samt rätt dimension och passar för dina körförhållanden.

Däcktrycket är mycket viktigt för däckens prestanda, där det bästa uppnås när det rekommenderade däcktrycket används. Det optimala kontaktområdet mellan däcket och ytan, som uppnås med rätt tryck, ger bästa prestanda och säkerhet. Att kontrollera däcktrycket bör vara en vanlig uppgift och kan enkelt göras när du stannar vid en bensinstation för att fylla din bil. Däcktrycket varierar med temperaturen, så det är bra att kontrollera även efter stor temperaturförändring. Låg däcktryck är vanligare, vilket kan skada däckens sidoväggar och få rullmotståndet att öka. Högt rullmotstånd ökar värmesuppbyggnaden och sliter däcken för tidigt. Dessutom gör det ökade motståndet att bilen förbrukar mer bränsle. Båda är faktorer som kan lägga till mycket kostnader för din totala budget. Miljön påverkas också negativt av högt koldioxidutsläpp.

Det bör dock börja med att du köper en bra uppsättning premiumdäck som har låg rullmotstånd och goda totala köregenskaper. Premiumdäck kommer att hålla längre och förbrukar mindre bränsle. De kommer också att visa en bättre säkerhetsprofil. De noggrant utformade slitbanemönstren har utvecklats för att visa utmärkta egenskaper för den specifika användningen. Det är därför det är viktigt att köpa rätt däck för din avsedda användning. Detta kan bero på yta, belastningar, hastighet och väderförhållanden.

För att uppnå bästa prestanda från bilen måste du se till att du köper sommardäck för sommarbruk, vinterdäck för vinterbruk och eventuellt ett allvädersdäck för alla väder för året runt om du bara vill ha en uppsättning däck. Du kommer att ha bättre prestanda om du byter däck mellan sommar och vinter eftersom däcken har optimerats bättre för en mer riktad användning. Detta kan dock leda till att du på grund av ostadigt väder eller snabba väderförändringar sitter kvar med fel däck. Här är väderdäcken ett utmärkt val för att säkerställa att du åtminstone har den minsta säkerhet som krävs och att du alltid kan använda din bil oavsett väderförhållanden.

För mer information om premiumdäck, besök: