How Sniper’s Edge Tiles Help Your Hockey Game

How Sniper’s Edge Tiles Help Your Hockey Game

Sniper’s Edge tiles are the best of the best. Any hockey player that knows their stuff can attest to the fact that being able to practice anywhere is a huge advantage over no practice at all. Sniper’s Edge brings you the solution of the century. Compact, easy to install, affordable dryland hockey tiles that allow for players to enjoy several years of full-bodied practice that builds endurance and strength.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is something that comes naturally to most people but always can use improvement. If you stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with the stick dangling straight down in front of you and have a puck on the tiles ready to be hit you are in the process of using hand-eye coordination. Although you are not slapping the puck with your actual hand, the stick is an extension of your hand. When you zoom in on the target and calculate how hard you are going to hit the puck in order to get it there you are using deeply ingrained skills. Over the course of many practice sessions, you become better and better at this. Eventually, you become great. Having a great set of tiles to practice with throughout the years will play a huge role in your success.

Muscle Memory

The muscles that you use in order to ice skate, rollerblade, swing a stick, and so on are only activated in that way when you perform the task. Because you won’t naturally skate in general daily life you build new muscles when you start skating. Over a period of time, these muscles get bigger and stronger as they begin to take shape and get used to being activated. The more you use them and the more they stay activated, the stronger they become. This is why you will always have an advantage over somebody that never skates. They’re not used to it. Keeping this in mind, if you continue to practice rollerblading and taking shots on dryland tiles you essentially continue to build the muscles that allow you to move in that manner. When you go out into a game on real ice, your muscles won’t know the difference. Everything that they learned from practicing on the slick tiles will come quickly to you in the game when you need it the most.


Having confidence in the game makes a whole world of difference. When you show confidence it makes your opponents question themselves. Ultimately the one with the most confidence wins in a run-in on the ice. The way you build confidence is to continually work on it. Say, for example, you look out onto a pond that is covered with ice.  If you have never stepped on that ice before would you be confident that it will hold you and not break if you step on it? Probably not. If you are, you may not be very wise. Once you try it out with a little bit of weight you learn how sturdy and strong it is very quickly. Most time if it is weak, it will crack and snap within seconds. This is also the case with lots of practice. The more you practice, the more confident in your own skills you become. This is why having hockey floor tiles to practice on at home is so important. It gives you the upper hand in confidence because you took the time to practice and know what you can do.

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