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Wrongful Dismissal

Solving A Wrongful Dismissal In Ontario With A Paralegal’s Help

If you have been fired for no good legal reason or have not been given properly notified, you have been wrongly fired and have legal rights. If the amount claimed is $ 35,000 or less, you have the right to sue your employer in Small Claims Court, and if the amount is more than $ 35,000, you can sue your employer in a higher court. A sophisticated paralegal can provide you the best services for this suing. Visit this website to get the necessary information related to suing your employer.

When an employee terminates due to a cause and has been proven that the cause is valid, the termination is not wrong. Wrongful dismissal occurs when his employer fires an unemployed employee.

A reasonable warning is significant, the actual reason for the dismissal may be valid, but if the amount of warning provided is insufficient, it can be considered a wrongful dismissal. You can consult with an experienced group of paralegals in Ontario law to take appropriate action in these cases.

It rarely happens that an employer has a reason for employment termination without prior notice; for this reason, employment the standard law provides the minimum amount that the employer owes the employee.

The notice may be given as a job warning by continuing to pay for the payment warning duration or payment instead of a warning. In many cases, employers prefer not to go to court. He may prefer to pay the employee to solve it.

Few cases are brought to trial and maybe settled at any stage of the lawsuit. Typically, your paralegal wants to negotiate with your employer before filing a lawsuit or going to court.

A wrongful dismissal occurs when an employer: (1) terminates the employee for no reason but fails to provide sufficient notice of dismissal to the employee. Or (ii) terminates an employee without giving any notice of dismissal in circumstances where the employer has not merely the reason for dismissing the employee.

Wrongful Dismissal

The term “wrongful dismissal” is often misunderstood. This does not mean that the employer’s decision to dismiss the worker was incorrect or illegal. Employees and employers can terminate the relationship for any legal reason, provided that the other has sufficient information. All that should be logical is the length of the warning.

The decision to terminate an employee may be unfair, inexplicable, or a bad business decision. For example, a manager may fire an employee because the manager does not like the employee. More strangely, for example, if an employee is fired, dismissal is not wrong because the manager became angry after learning that the employee came to work in the manager’s shoes.

There is a common misconception that when an unemployed employer terminates their employee, the dismissal is a breach of contract. A paralegal can easily explain this misconception.

However, breach of contract only occurs if the employer fails to provide the employee with an appropriate dismissal notice. There is an implicit term in each employment contract that either party may terminate the contract by giving reasonable notice of employment termination.

Types of wrongful dismissal claims

In general, there are three types of false dismissal claims:

  • In cases where employers terminate their work for no reason but refuse to pay adequate compensation.
  • In cases where an employer inadvertently fires his employee for a reason and cannot pay compensation.

• When an employer fires an employee “constructively” by changing the basic terms and conditions of employment and not tolerating the work environment.

types of abduction

What Are The Different Types Of Child Abduction?

As crazy as it may seem, there are definitely different types of abduction. Some are harmless misunderstandings between family members or friends. Some are a means to gain control of a situation. Some are horribly sick reasons that nobody wants to believe are real. In any event, child abductions are becoming a serious threat in our world, so the more you know what to look for, the more power you will have to stop them before they even occur.

Types Of Abductions

When it comes to abducting children there are only so many labels that society can place upon a topic. Each person that chooses to kidnap a kid has their own way of seeing things and their own decision-making mechanisms. Although there is no way to name all possible types here are some of the main ones to be concerned about:

  • Friendly – where the child knows the abductor
  • Stalking – where the abductor stalks the child
  • Trust building – where the abductor establishes trust over time
  • Broad daylight – where the abductor physically snatches the child in public
  • Creeping – where the abductor creeps into the home and takes the sleeping child
  • Hospital – where the abductor steals the baby from the hospital nursery

Friends, Relatives, And Family

It is safe to assume that unless it was created in a lab, every child has parents. Unfortunately, not all parents get along all of the time. Many parents are very young and have not yet discovered many of the truths about life. Sometimes one parent will try to control the other parent by taking the child away. The laws that govern parental rights are not always black and white. If a couple is married and they are both legal guardians of the child there is nothing to stop either one of them from taking the child anywhere they want to. In most cases, when a child is missing, it turns out that a family member or even a close friend of a family member is behind it.

Lure Away

Sometimes a child abductor will lure a child away from safety with a gift, or some candy. This is a very unfortunate occurrence and most of the time that it happens, it ends in tragedy. In the early 1980s in Sacramento, California, a man lured a young girl away from her family using a goose. For whatever reason, the family had let the little girl out of their sight long enough for a strange man to have a conversation with her. The kid was six years old. The man was in his 40s and had been in and out of mental institutions most of his life. He lured the child across the street into a secluded area then sexually abused her and killed her. Fortunately, in our current times, there are ways to stop things like this before they happen.

Protect Your Family With Kids Live Safe

Kids Live Safe is an organization that has the sole mission of keeping kids safe from sexual predators and other sickos. They offer a quick search tool that allows you to see convicted sex offenders in your neighborhood or any neighborhood that you choose. They also have an alert system that notifies you the moment a sex offender moves within a five-mile radius of you. Visit Kids Live Safe today and see for yourself all of the great ways that you can keep yourself, and your loved ones from sexual predators.

Top 3 Reasons Why Every Kid Should Have A Pet

Top 3 Reasons Why Every Kid Should Have A Pet

Keeping a pet has enormous numbers of benefits in your child’s life. It adds another dimension to your family by giving something to your kids to love, play, and care for. Either it’s a cat, dog, hamster, a bunny, fish, or a Gila monster lizard, there are a lot of interesting things about pet ownership. Because every pet requires a different level of care and affection so before keeping a pet it’s a good idea to evaluate which pet will be suitable for your kids and animal. Another important thing is if your child is suffering from some mental disability, anxiety or depression try to keep an ESA and get the emotional support animal registration done for legal safety. Whereas, no matter which animal you choose to keep, there are many reasons why it’s great for kids to have pets which are as follows:

1- Helps To Maintain Good Sound Health

Keeping a pet especially a dog helps you to maintain good health. Dogs and cats love to play, run, and chase and kids love to do all that along. Such activities make the kids active. The motor skills of the kids also came into practice by feeding and grooming pets. The regular walk especially with dogs not only provides fresh air to your kids but also makes them energetic and smart by the mind. This also keeps your kids away from computer screens for long. But still, the parent’s supervision is recommended for the safety of everyone on a walk. Keeping a dog or cat as a pet also helps to develop your immune system stronger and prevents you from sickness. Kids who used to grow around dogs and cats are less open to allergies and asthma than those who grow up without them.

2- Builds A Sense Of Responsibility In Kids

Spending time with pets builds a sense of caretaking and learning responsibility in kids. Not only thing but by taking care of a pet, kids learn leadership skills and understand the feeling of being in charge. The studies have even demonstrated that getting your kids engaged with pets helps them in meaningful learning. They can enhance their reading skills by reading aloud with their pet friend. If your kid has a dog as a pet than the dogs are good listeners and they won’t interrupt your child while reading. The fluency of speech of the little ones is also improved this way and builds confidence. Keeping pets builds social skills as well because you always find a person who also has the same pet as you to take more tips from them for keeping your pet with affection. Not only this, if your kid is keeping a dog, it will also teach them essential values like kindness and trustworthiness that helps in promoting social development.

3- Develops Self-Esteem And Emotional Development

Kids mostly love in the company of pets and this love improves the bond between siblings. Pet ownership also builds a sense of self-esteem for kids. By working together for the pet-oriented tasks, it develops self-confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of responsibility and commitment in kids. Pets never judge and never tell secrets and always seek you as an important person on the planet. So, it’s nothing surprising that kids having pets do not suffer through anxiety and depression and have more self-confidence than those who don’t have.


There is an enormous number of benefits that pets provide to the kids. It’s easy for kids to keep a pet but it’s totally up to their parents to make sure that their kid’s experience should be a positive one and the pets should receive the proper care and affection they need for their entire lives.